Celia Jaspers directed and produced award-winning documentary Primeval New Zealand for NHNZ. She got into television early — thanks to a tangled camera cable — and has stayed, developing a range of skills from editing to directing.

I love telling good stories, and finding them; to go from the beginning — the writing, the shooting, the post production — it’s all very satisfying. Celia Jaspers

Shearing Gang

2012, Director, Producer - Television

Primeval New Zealand

2012, Editor, Producer, Director - Peter Elliott scenes - Television

This award-winning documentary from NHNZ reveals new information about the origins of the iconic kiwi. Presenter Peter Elliott travels the country investigating how "evolutionary mutants" — like giant meat-eating snails, kiwi, and tuatara — evolved over 20 million years in the face of massive tectonic upheavals and extreme isolation.  Elliott answers why Aotearoa has the "weirdest creatures", such as birds that don't fly and mammals that do. Company Weta Workshop used computer graphics to create images of extinct creatures for this TV One documentary.  

Family Feuds

2011, Producer, Writer - Television

Life Force (aka Mutant Planet)

2011, Editor - Television

Castaway (BBC reality series)

2007, Editor - Television

Cool Kids Cooking

2006 - 2010, Director, Writer, Editor, Producer - Television

House Hunters International

2016 - ongoing, Producer, Director - Television

Real Escapes

2005, Director, Writer, Producer - Television

Remarkable Vets

2005 - 2007, Writer, Producer, Director - Television

10 Years Younger in 10 Days

2005, Director - Television

50K of Coronet Peak

2004, Director, Writer, Editor, Producer - Television

Christmas with the Lion Man

2004, Director, Writer, Editor, Producer - Television

World of Wearable Art Awards

2009 - 2010, Production Manager - Television

What Now?

1994 - 1996, 2002- 2004, Field Director , Editor, Camera - Television

What Now? is a long-running entertainment show for primary school-aged children. Filmed before a live studio audience on weekend mornings, What Now? is a New Zealand TV institution; it was the first TV show to have live phone-ins. The series is known for its challenges that sometimes result in participants being 'gunged'. A roll-call of presenters includes Steve Parr, Danny Watson, Simon Barnett, Jason Gunn, Michelle A'Court, Tamati Coffey, Antonia Prebble, and more. 'Get out of your Lazy Bed' by Matt Bianco is the theme song memorable to generations of Kiwi kids.

Country Calendar

2015 - ongoing, Director - Television

The iconic all-things-rural show is the longest running programme on New Zealand television. With its typical patient observational style (that allows stories of people and the land to gently unfold) it’s an unlikely broadcasting star, but New Zealanders continue, after 50 plus years, to tune in. Amongst the bucolic tales of farming, fishing and forestry, there are high country musters, floods, organic brewing, falconry, tobacco farming, as well as a fencing wire-playing farmer-musician, a radio-controlled dog, and Fred Dagg and the Trevs.