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Emma Calveley

Director, Producer

Emma Calveley started her screen career in 2005 as a production coordinator at TVNZ. Two years later, she began a decade-plus stint working on disability series Attitude, for Attitude Pictures. Her directing credits include a story on her anorexic sister for series In My Mind (2017) and a burn survivor's dream to be a top athlete (Maia). She also directed an item for current affairs show Sunday about actor James Rolleston's recovery from a major car crash. In 2020, when Calveley was eight months pregnant, she headed into the bush to direct Loading Docs short doco Wahine Warrior.

By the time we were allowed to film, I was 33 weeks pregnant and worried I wouldn’t be able to haul my growing puku on a hunting trek, let alone film it. Emma Calveley on making documentary Wahine Warrior, The Spinoff, 23 August 2020