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After writing for children's staples Play School and What Now Fiona McKenzie was a journalist on CTV, before training as a director at South Pacific Pictures. As a freelancer she has directed a variety of TV shows — from comedy (Letter to Blanchy, Comedy Central) to non-fiction (Epitaph, The Way We Were). During a 12-year stint in South Canterbury, McKenzie taught screen production and made films for local museums and galleries; she also directed small-town drama The China Cup (2009), which won extended runs in local cinemas. These days living in Christchurch, she continues to make films for varied clients. 

I love the team work — there’s nothing more collaborative than making film and television. But as a writer I also love the quiet percolating of ideas. I enjoy getting my head around the characters and what they’re about. Because whatever the genre, they drive the story. Fiona McKenzie