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Gerard Smyth

Director, Cinematographer

2019 Huawei Mate30 Pro New Zealand Television Awards
Nominated for Best Web Series (with Jendy Harper and Oliver Dawe): for Frank - Changing South

2014 Rialto Channel NZ Film Awards (The Moas)
Nominated for Best Director - Documentary: for Aunty and the Star People
Nominated for Best Cinematography - Documentary (with Jacob Bryant): for Aunty and the Star People

2012 New Zealand Television Awards
Best Director - Documentary: for When a City Falls
Nominated for Best Feature or Drama Documentary (with Alice Shannon): When a City Falls

2009 Qantas Film and Television Awards (New Zealand)
Nominated for Best Documentary Director: for Barefoot Cinema

2004 Media Peace Awards (New Zealand)
Highly Commended: for Nikki Butler - Out on a Limb

1994 CEVMA Awards (United Kingdom)
Winner Best Documentary: for Sonja Talking