Graeme Thomson tried various jobs before his mellifluous voice won him an announcing job at Radio New Zealand. After debuting on NZ television as a weather presenter in the 60s, Thomson spent three years with TV stations in the United Kingdom. In 1986 he began his longest broadcasting job; a remarkable 20 year stint hosting and writing for religious show Praise Be. Thomson then returned to RNZ; he passed away in 2008.

... he was a broadcaster who always strove for the highest standards, but he was also very much a gentleman in the best sense of the word, and that, I think, you can always hear in his broadcasting. Broadcaster Hewitt Humphrey, on Thomson's death in 2008

Praise Be - Easter Special

2000, Presenter, Writer - Television

In this special Easter episode of TVNZ’s Sunday morning mainstay, original Praise Be host Graeme Thomson introduces hymns from some of the country’s oldest churches. Throughout the country church choirs deliver praise, while Thomson offers intermittent quotes from the bible to remind viewers of the true meaning of Easter. The special includes a hymn performed inside Christchurch’s iconic cathedral, before it was destroyed in the 2011 quakes. Praise Be first debuted in 1986, and has been on air ever since, apart from two years off the air in the mid 2000s. 

Praise Be - Christchurch Cathedral Special

1998, Presenter, Writer - Television

TVNZ's long running religious and choral music programme visits Christchurch's Anglican cathedral. Before its devastation by earthquakes, it was the centre of the city and one of the most celebrated of its great Gothic buildings. It could also claim to be "the most visited, the most accessible and best known church in New Zealand". Host Graeme Thomson explores the cathedral, its chapels and bell tower and outlines its history. He interviews Dean John Bluck and introduces hymns and songs of praise sung by the cathedral's choir and an ecumenical congregation.

Praise Be - Series 11, Episode 13

1996, Presenter, Subject - Television

This episode of the long-running religious programme focuses on Auckland's Anglican Cathedral of the Holy Trinity. It features hymns from the Holy Trinity Choir and Auckland Choral Federation. The Graeme Thomson-hosted show also discusses the history and architecture of the cathedral following the completion of its nave in 1995. Built on land bought by Bishop Selwyn in 1859, the completed cathedral reflects the undulating landscape of Auckland, combining Gothic and Polynesian elements.

Praise Be for Christmas

1993, Writer, Presenter - Television

Since debuting in 1986, Praise Be has become a Sunday morning perennial. In this extended 1993 Christmas special, original Praise Be presenter Graeme Thomson travels far and wide in search of heavenly vocals: including big city cathedrals, schools, among singing sailors at Devonport Naval Base, and to a disused Canterbury flour mill, where the local farming community pack in for 'Away in a Manger'. A number of TV personalities (Judy Bailey, Phillip Leishman) also make appearances, to talk about Christmas and read from the bible.

Globe Theatre Project: New Zealand's Gift to the Globe

1991, Narrator - Short Film

Praise Be

1986 - 2007, Presenter, Writer - Television

Recorded in varied locations across New Zealand, Praise Be mixed choral contributions and biblical readings. Though its siblings Country Calendar and Fair Go are even older, Praise Be ranked among New Zealand’s longest-running television shows. The Sunday worship show played from 1986 to 2016, apart from two years off air in the mid 2000s. Veteran broadcaster Graeme Thomson presented the show for its first two decades, before he passed away in 2008; then the show was hosted by Chris Nichol, a Presbyterian minister and veteran of TVNZ’s Religious Programmes Unit.