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Actor Hannah Marshall did four seasons on Australian TV hit Packed to the Rafters; she was nominated for a 2011 Logie Award for Most Popular New Female Talent. The ex-gymnast began acting at high school in Auckland. Later she appeared in The Amazing Extraordinary Friends, was a victim of Shortland Street's Ferndale Strangler, and showed her comic touch on Diplomatic Immunity. In 2014 she co-starred in acclaimed Aussie sci fi film The Infinite Man. After time in the United States, Marshall and partner David de Lautour returned home to create Alibi, a whodunnit whose episodes can be watched in any order. 

...the 20-day shoot for Alibi was pretty amazing. We had this incredible crew and cast show up every day to bring what we had created to life. I found being on set without having to appear on camera (for the most part) surprisingly relaxing. Hannah Marshall on making crime drama Alibi, The NZ Herald, 23 August 2018