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Hugh Macdonald

Director, Producer

2007 New York Festivals
Bronze Medal: This is New Zealand
Finalist: Musacus - The Musical Revolution

2004 New York Festivals
Finalist: A Land Apart - Westland Milk

2000 Annecy International Festival of Film Animation (France)
Jewel of the Century (judged one of the 84 best animated films made in the 1900s): The Frog, the Dog and the Devil  

1998 ITVA Video Awards (International Television Association - New Zealand)
Silver Monitor: Kiwi - Dairy Giant

1996 ITVA Video Awards
Silver Monitor: Forest Gupping and the Supa-Scraper
Silver Monitor: North Island Main Trunk
Best Script: for Forest Gupping and the Supa-Scraper

1996 Chicago Children's Festival
Jury Prize: The Orchard

1993 ITVA Awards
Certificate of Merit: On Denniston

1992 ITVA Video Awards 
Silver Monitor: Forrest Gupping and the Supa-Scraper
Silver Monitor: North Island Main Trunk
Certificate of Merit: Rimutaka Incline 

1989 ITVA Awards
Certificate of Merit: The Years Ahead

1986 Academy Awards
Nominated for Best Animated Short (with Martin Townsend): The Frog, the Dog and the Devil

1986 Ottawa International Animation Festival (Canada)
Grand Prize: The Frog, the Dog and the Devil

1986 Asia Pacific Film Festival (Taiwan)
Best Animated Short (with Martin Townsend): The Frog, the Dog and the Devil

1986 Pacific Asia Travel Association Conference (PATA)
Gold Award: Right Next Door

1984 London Film Festival
Most Outstanding Film: War Years

1983 Annecy International Animation Film Festival (France)
Official Selection: The Domino

1982 Americas Festival (United States)
Gold Award: The Domino

1982 International Film and Television Festival (United States)
Silver Award: Kids and Other People

1981 International Film and Television Festival
Gold Award: Primeval Survivors

1977 Feltex Awards (New Zealand)
Best Drama: The Governor

1970 Edinburgh Film Festival
Certificate of Merit: This Auckland

1968 Pacific Asia Travel Association Conference (Taiwan)
Third Prize: This Auckland

1967 Venice Film Festival (Italy)
Lion of St Mark Plaque: This Auckland

1967 Tourfilm Festival (Czechoslovakia)
Tourism Film Prize: This Auckland 

1967 National Committee on Films on Safety (United States)
Award of Merit: Pictorial Parade No. 187 - Life is How You Keep It