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Jake Mahaffy



2020, Additional Editing, Director, Writer - Film

A.D. 1363, the End of Chivalry

2016, Director, Writer, Producer - Short Film


2016, Director, Writer, Editor, Co-Producer - Short Film

Free in Deed

2015, Director, Writer, Editor - Film

Melancholia I

2013, Cinematographer - Short Film

Miracle Boy

2012, Director, Cinematographer, Editor, Producer, Sound - Short Film

The Sack

2012, Director, Producer - Short Film

Motion Studies: Inertia

2008, Director, Writer - Short Film


2008, Director, Writer, Cinematographer - Television

Motion Studies: Gravity

2005, Director, Cinematographer, Editor - Short Film


2004, Director, Writer, Editor, Producer, Cinematographer - Film

Egypt Hollow

1996, Director - Short Film