James Napier Robertson

Director, Actor

2015 Seattle Film Festival
Best Film (Audience Award - Golden Space Needle Award): The Dark Horse

2015 Rotterdam International Film Festival (Holland)
Audience Award: The Dark Horse

2015 International Festival of Cinema from the Antipodes (France)
Grand Prix (Grand Prize): The Dark Horse

2014 Rialto Channel NZ Film Awards (The Moas)
Best Film: The Dark Horse
Director: for The Dark Horse
Screenplay: for The Dark Horse

2014 SWANZ Scriptwriter Awards (NZ Writers Guild)
Best Feature Film Script: for The Dark Horse

2014 SPADA Screen Industry Awards (Screen Production and Development Association, New Zealand)
New Film-maker of the Year

2009 Qantas Film and Television Awards

Nominated for Best Feature - under $1 Million (with Tom Hern and Edward Hampson): for I’m Not Harry Jenson