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James Napier Robertson

Director, Actor

2015 Art Film Festival (Slovakia)
Best Director: for The Dark Horse
Nominated for Best Film: The Dark Horse

2015 International Festival of Cinema from the Antipodes
Grand Prix (Grand Prize): The Dark Horse

2015 Seattle Film Festival (United States)
Audience Award for Best Film - Golden Space Needle Award: The Dark Horse

2015 San Francisco International Film Festival
Audience Award for Best Narrative Feature: The Dark Horse

2015 Rotterdam International Film Festival (Holland)
Audience Award: The Dark Horse
Youth Jury Prize: The Dark Horse

2015 Washington DC Filmfest (United States)
Special Commendation: The Dark Horse

2015 Palm Springs International Film Festival (United States)
Runner-up for Audience Favourite: The Dark Horse

2015 Munich Film Festival (Germany)
Nominated for Best Film: The Dark Horse
Nominated for Best Film by an Emerging Director: The Dark Horse

2014 Rialto Channel NZ Film Awards (The Moas)
Best Film: The Dark Horse
Director: for The Dark Horse
Screenplay: for The Dark Horse

2014 SWANZ Scriptwriter Awards (NZ Writers Guild)
Best Feature Film Script: for The Dark Horse

2014 SPADA Screen Industry Awards (Screen Production and Development Association, New Zealand)
New Filmmaker of the Year

2009 Qantas Film and Television Awards (New Zealand)
Nominated for Best Feature - under $1 Million (with Tom Hern and Edward Hampson): for I’m Not Harry Jenson