Best known for his music videos, Jesse Taylor Smith has worked as a director and editor on both sides of the Tasman. Since completing a media studies degree at Victoria University in 2010, he has made videos for Grayson Gilmour, punk trio Autumn Splendour, and Junica/Ladyhawke collaboration Living in My House. His videos often deliberately evoke a low-fi feel, while displaying his love for the imaginative and surreal.  

The beautiful film-like epic [...] features a tumultuous breakup between a boy and a girl. The hazy ambient glow, awkward acting — contrasted with the girl’s heartfelt aggression — and attention to detail in makeup and styling makes the video a memorable and sophisticated mini-film. Sarah Gooding on Smith’s video for 2011 track Toby, on website Einstein Music Journal

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Minus Times Infinity

2014, Director - Music video

Silence and Youth

2014, Director - Music video


2012, Director - Music video

Kate Bush Saved My Life

2012, Director - Music video

Living in My House

2011, Director - Music video

The 3Ds - Early Recordings

2011, Editor - Short Film

Humble Punk Rock

2010, Director, Camera - Music video

This was created as part of the 2010 creative collaborations edition of the Orcon Great Blend. The fanciful clip is a suitable match for the moody minimalism of the track. Planned and shot in a day it achieves an eerily cohesive finish, belying the fact director Jesse Taylor Smith hadn’t heard the song prior to filming, and Gilmour was in the dark as to shooting plans. The ‘actors’ were crowd-sourced and harassed into hair and make-up; from there the footage was developed, the song was 'properly' recorded and all the pieces thrown into place – UFOs included.


2010, Director - Music video

Loose Change

2009, Director, Camera - Music video

Shot by Jesse Taylor Smith on 16mm on an antique Russian Krasnogorsk camera, Loose Change features a succession of movies within movies until it seems that everyone and everything could be on a set (apart, perhaps, from the photographer in the pig's head). Piano and glockenspiel build, crash and ebb as a model helicopter fights a fire in a building (life nearly imitated art when the stovetop pyrotechnics got out of hand); and, at the meta-end, the couple watching the "Stay Indoors" message on the TV are themselves revealed to be outside on a footpath.

A Small Film about a Stranger

2008, Writer, Director - Short Film