After coming up with the idea for Nemesis Game, his first feature film, Jesse Warn ended up making it in Canada with a multi-national cast, and being nominated for best picture at the  2003 NZ Film Awards. He went on to direct a run of commercials, and episodes of Spartacus. Since then Warn has spent time in the US directing a range of high profile series, including True BloodArrow and Supergirl.

By the time we'd wrapped, you should have seen us. Friends didn't recognise us. Jesse Warn on making Nemesis Game, Staple magazine, July 2003


2017, Director - Television

The Shannara Chronicles

2016 - 2017, Director - Television


2015 - ongoing, Director, Director - Television

The Flash

2014 - ongoing, Director - Television

Spartacus: War of the Damned

2013, Director - Television

The Originals

2013 - 2018, Director - Television

Arrow (American TV series)

2014, Director - Television

Spartacus: Gods of the Arena

2011, Director


2011, Director - Television

True Blood

2014, Director - Television

Legend of the Seeker

2008 - 2010, Director - Television

Criminal Minds

2011 - 13, Director

Auld Lang Syne

2005, Executive Producer, Executive Producer - Short Film

Nothing Special

2005, Executive Producer - Short Film

Written by Helena Brooks and comedian Jaquie Brown, Nothing Special could be seen as a cautionary tale: it's good to love your son, but not so good to think he's Jesus reincarnate. How can Billy escape the crazed adoration of his doting Mum? By striving to be the most boring man he can be. Featuring an aptly quirky soundtrack (Blerta's 'Dance All Around The World') and a very funny performance by Alison Routledge as the quintessential overzealous Mum, Nothing Special was chosen for competition in the short film section at Cannes (2005).

Steriogram - White Trash to Rock Gods

2004, Writer, Director - Film

Nemesis Game

2003, Writer, Director - Film

Filmed in Canada, Kiwi Jesse Warn’s first feature is a thriller built on riddles. A mysterious trail of riddles lead a student (Carly Pope) into dangerous territory, and help her realise her journey may be connected to an imprisoned woman (Rena Owen) who murdered a child, claiming it was part of a grand design. Nemesis Game was a co-production between NZ, Canada (including company Lionsgate) and the UK. Nominated for best film, it won four NZ Film Awards including cinematography and editing. Ian McShane (Deadwood) and Adrian Paul (TV’s Highlander) co-star.

Making of the Nemesis Game

2002, Subject - Short Film

Her Iliad

2000, Writer, Director - Film

Little Samurai

2000, Director, Writer - Short Film

You Got the Feeling

1999, Director - Music video

9 Across

1998, Director, Writer - Short Film

Wish It All Away

1997, Director - Music video