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Jessica Hobbs began directing short films in her 20s, during an eight year stint as an assistant director. After helming Cliff Curtis teleplay Overnight in 1995, she graduated to series City Life and Australia's Heartbreak High. Her award-winning Aussie resume includes hit show Love My Way, East Timor miniseries Answered by Fire, and the opening episodes of BAFTA-nominated drama The Slap. Relocating to England, she directed miniseries Apple Tree Yard, based on a bestseller about an affair. In 2020 Hobbs was nominated for an Emmy Award for the third season final of royalty drama The Crown. She also worked on the show's next season.

I love directing television and I feel that we’ve been very privileged over the last few years to see a big renaissance in the way that television is made. Television allows you the freedom to explore character development and story structure in greater depth over a longer period of time. Jessica Hobbs on website Blogafi, May 2012