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Jennifer Ludlum (Lorna), Jodie Rimmer (Virginia) and Agueer Deng (Virginia’s Baby)in a scene from Apron Strings.

Photo appears courtesy of the New Zealand Film Commission.

From left, Jodie Rimmer (Joanne), Rhona Mitra (Katrien), Danielle Cormack (Pam) and Stephanie Paul (Pip) during a break in filming.

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Jodie Rimmer as Jackie, in a scene from film In My Father's Den. Rimmer was named Best Supporting Actress for the role at the 2005 New Zealand Film and Television Awards.

Photo appears courtesy of the NZ Film Commission

Telemovie Until Proven Innocent: Donna Chisholm (Jodie Rimmer) office explains the Dougherty story to her editor at the Sunday Star-Times. 

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From left to right: Rhona Mitra as Katrien, Danielle Cormack as Pam, Jodie Rimmer as Joanne, Les Hill as Harry and Joel Edgerton as Simon at dinner.

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A behind the scenes shot from film In My Father's Den: writer/director Brad McGann and actor Jodie Rimmer.

Photo appears courtesy of the NZ Film Commission