Kathy Dudding's films often merged documentary and personal essay. Influenced by surrealism after spending time in Paris, Dudding later got a Masters in video installation, and worked as an editor and film archivist. 2008's The Return merged multiple perspectives of Wellington, including that of her late grandmother. Dudding died of lung cancer in August 2010, weeks after the Film Festival debut of Asylum Pieces

The result is one of the finest documentaries this country has produced, and one of the fiercest and most idiosyncratic documentaries of the year. Lumiere writer Brannavan Gnanalingam, on Kathy Dudding’s Asylum Pieces

Asylum Pieces

2010, Camera, Editor, Director, Writer - Film

The Return

2007, Camera, Editor, Director, Writer - Short Film

Lilly in the House of Lipsticks

2001, Writer, Director - Short Film

Kanaky Au Pouvoir - Power to the Kanak People

1989, Director, Producer, Editor - Television

Smash Dupe

1985, Writer, Director - Short Film

Hey Daisy

1983, Writer, Director - Short Film

Pushing Up Daisies

1983, Writer, Director - Short Film