Lisa Harrow's CV marks her out as one of New Zealand's most prodigious acting exports. After starring in Twelfth Night for the Royal Shakespeare Company at age 25, she got serious about screen acting in the 1980s and worked everywhere from Iceland to Australia, as well as starring in Kiwi films Other Halves and Shaker Run. Alongside her acting, Harrow now campaigns for ecological responsibility on stage and page.

If I have an ambition now it is that I am going to find work to do that is hard and difficult to do and is therefore rewarding. Lisa Harrow on acting - Listener, 28 May 1990

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Step Dave

2014 - 2015, As: Marion - Television

Twenty-four year-old barman Dave finds his life turned upside down when he meets the girl of his dreams — Cara, 14 years his senior, and the owner of three kids. Over two seasons, the light-hearted drama explored whether their live-in relationship could survive the weight of low expectations, and her unruly family. Created by Kate McDermott (This is Her), Step Dave starred Swedish emigre Sia Trokenheim (2014 film Everything we Loved) and Brit born Jono Kenyon. Interest in the format encompassed the Ukraine — which remade the show in 2016 — France, Hungary and Greece.

Step Dave - First Episode

2014, Actor, As: Marion - Television

In the first episode of comedy drama Step Dave, solo Mum Cara (Sia Trokenheim) finds herself rescued by womanising barman Dave (Jono Kenyon), after a disastrous blind date ends in a sprained ankle. Dave is convinced he's met 'the one'. Cara's daughters and mother in-law (Lisa Harrow) are horrified. And Cara fears there isn't enough time in her busy life for a man who calls her favourite song "ancient". Meanwhile Dave's flatmate is falling for the workmate who has stolen his desk. Created by Kate McDermott, Step Dave screened for two seasons — and was later remade in Russia.

Snooze Time

2012, As: Evie - Short Film


2004, As: Hester Bergman - Television


2000, As: Miriam - Film

Sunday (American feature film)

1997, As: Madeleine Vesey - Film

Kavanagh QC

1995 - 1997, As: Lizzie Kavanagh - Television

The Strawberry Tree

1995, Actor

That Eye, The Sky

1994, As: Alice Flack - Film

The Last Days of Chez Nous

1992, As: Beth - Film

The Strauss Dynasty

1991, As: Anna

A Sense of Guilt

1990, As: Helen Irving

Come in Spinner

1990, As: Claire Jeffries - Television

Act of Betrayal

1988, As: Eileen McGurk

Always Afternoon

1988, As: Nancy Kennon - Television

Lizzie's Pictures

1987, As: Lizzie Dickinson

Nonni and Manni

1987, As: Sigrid

Shaker Run

1985, As: Christine Rubin - Film

Stunt driver Judd (US Oscar winner Cliff Robertson) and his mechanic Casey (ex child star Leif Garrett) are in NZ racing 'Shaker' — their pink and black Trans-Am — when they're enlisted by scientist Dr Christine Ruben on a fast and furious dash from Dunedin. Unknown to the Yanks, Ruben (Lisa Harrow) has stolen a deadly virus that she's aiming to smuggle to the CIA, and away from the NZ military — who plan to use it for bio warfare! Touted as "fantasy car violence", the chase and stunt-laden Run was one of dozens of films sped out under an 80s tax break scheme.

Under Capricorn

1983, As: Lady Henrietta Flusky

Man and Superman

1982, As: Ann Whitefield

Playing Shakespeare

1982, Subject - Television

Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde (BBC)

1981, As: Ann

From a Far Country

1981, As: Wanda - Film

Nancy Astor

1981, As: Nancy Astor

The Final Conflict

1981, As: Kate Reynolds - Film

The Waterfall (BBC Series)

1980, As: Jane Gray - Television


1977, As: Lynn Blake - Television

It Shouldn't Happen to a Vet

1977, As: Helen Herriot - Film

All Creatures Great and Small

1975, As: Helen Herriot

The Tempters

1974, As: Emilia Contreras - Film

The Rivals of Sherlock Homes

1973, As: Beatrice Graham