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Mario Gaoa

Writer/ Actor

All of the bro'Town creators and producers animated! Left back row: Maka Makatoa, Elizabeth Mitchell, Ant Sang. Middle Row: Mario Gaoa, Oscar Kightley, Shimpal Lelisi. Lying down: David Fane.

©Firehorse Films

The bro'Town characters hang out with their creators (and voices). From left David Fane (voice of Jeff da Māori and Mack, who is on the far right in purple), producer Elizabeth Mitchell, Mario Gaoa (standing - his character Sione Tapili is in orange glasses on the right), Oscar Kightley (Vale Pepelo, in glasses) and Shimpal Lelisi (Valeo Pepelo, who is between Mitchell and Kightley).

© Firehorse Films

bro'Town cast hang out with creators The Naked Samoans. From left: David Fane, Mario Gaoa (standing), Oscar Kightley (sitting) and Shimpal Lelisi.

© Firehorse Films