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Martin Sagadin



2022, Director, Producer, Editor - Music video


2021, Director, Camera Operator, Producer - Film

Old Peel

2021, Producer, Performer - Music video

Ouija Board

2021, Director, Editor - Music video

Songs in the Hills with Archer

2021, Director, Cinematographer, Editor - Short Film


2021, Director, Editor - Music video

Get the Devil Out

2020, Director - Music video

Oh Canada

2020, Director, Editor - Music video

Best Thing in the Room

2019, Editor, Director - Music video

All of the Time/Not at All

2019, Director, Editor, Cinematographer - Music video

Bicycle Weather

2019, Director - Music video


2019, Director, Writer - Music video

Out of Our Hands

2019, Co-Director, Cinematographer - Music video

Zoo Eyes

2019, Director - Music video

Spring Interlude

2019, Director, Writer, Producer - Film

The Barrel

2019, Co-Director - Music video

Come to Me

2018, Director - Music video

Give it to Me

2018, Director - Music video

Oko na Roki

2018, Director, Writer, Cinematographer, Editor, Composer, Subject - Film

What's Chasing You

2018, Director - Music video

Chomsky's Sweater

2017, Director, Cinematographer, Editor - Music video

The Short Trilogy of Peace

2016, Director, Writer, Cinematographer, Editor, Producer - Film

Stop Your Tears

2015, Director - Music video

Strange Things

2015, Director - Music video

No Peace

2014, Director - Music video

A Season to Forget

2013, Director, Writer - Short Film

Suddenly It's Cold

2012, Director, Writer, Cinematographer - Short Film


2011, Cinematographer - Short Film

Them Silver Bells

2011, Director, Writer, Cinematographer, Editor, Composer - Short Film

The Orchard

2011, Director, Writer, Editor - Short Film