Fantasy fan Matthew Grainger has been a scriptwriter, copywriter and film critic. His first scripts were for short films and children's shows. Since then Grainger has worked with Jonathan King on multiple projects; joining King as co-writer/producer of a big screen remake of Under the Mountain, and on the script of horror tale The Tattooist. Grainger was also part of the writing team on South Auckland-set series The Market.

It was a big part of my childhood. I was growing up on all those Spielbergian films like Gremlins and The Goonies ... when the TV Series of Under the Mountain was on, it kind of had the feel of those films but it was about Kiwis, it was set in our backyard and we'd never seen that before, so it really stuck in my mind. Matthew Grainger on Under the Mountain - Flicks website, 10 December 2009


2014, Associate Producer - Film

Inspired by the mindbending tales of The Twilight Zone and the freedom of a low budget, Jonathan King's stylish yet “modestly budgeted" twister marks his first collaboration with novelist Chad Taylor. King regular Nathan Meister stars as a media executive whose confusions multiply after learning that a strung-out woman (Michelle Langstone) has his wallet. Ain't It Cool News founder Harry Knowles praised the film's canny visions of a future where others control our perceptions of reality. REALITi's five NZ Film Award nominations included Best Self-Funded Film and Screenplay.  

Under the Mountain

2009, Producer, Writer - Film

Maurice Gee's classic novel about aliens running amok under Auckland has rarely gone out of print, since its debut in 1979. First adapted as a memorable 80s TV series, this movie retooling sees teenage twins Theo and Rachel stumbling across shape-shifting creatures that are hiding beneath Auckland's extinct volcanoes. American showbiz magazine Variety praised Black Sheep director Jonathan King's "solid helming", and the excellent acting of Sam Neill as the mysterious Mr Jones. Oliver Driver plays lead villain Mr Wilberforce, under four hours of make-up.

Black Sheep

2007, Script Consultant - Film

A mutant lamb escapes from the lab after dodgy genetic experiments, and herds of sheep are turned into bloodthirsty predators. Three hapless humans are stranded on the farm as the woolly nightmare develops. They discover a bite from an infected sheep has an alarming effect on those bitten. With his first feature, director Jonathan King (Under the Mountain) provides splatter thrills and attacks a few sacred cows. Black Sheep was invited to 20+ international festivals, where it scored acclaim and multiple awards. The interviews include King, Weta's Richard Taylor, and the cast.

The Tattooist

2007, Writer - Film

Tattoo artist Jake Sawyer (Jason Behr, American star of Roswell) travels the world looking for ethnic designs to exploit for his art. At a tattoo expo in Singapore, he is introduced to the traditional Samoan tattoo, and falls for Sina (No. 2's Mia Blake) the beautiful cousin of tattooist Alipati. When Jake recklessly steals a Samoan tattooing tool, he unwittingly unleashes a powerful spirit that endangers everyone he touches. This inaugural Kiwi-Singaporean co-production was directed by Peter Burger and produced by Robin Scholes (Once Were Warriors).

The Market

2005, Writer - Television

Cereal Killer

1999, Writer - Short Film


1998, Writer - Short Film