Palmerston North-born Michael Dean won fame as a longtime presenter on pioneering BBC arts show Late Night Line-Up. Although his three decade broadcasting career was mostly spent in England, Dean also did time downunder. In 1972 he presented an opinionated Survey special on how New Zealand had changed, followed by talk show Dean on Saturday. He passed away in England on 5 October 2015.

His interviews with Tony Hancock, Morecambe and Wise, Gore Vidal and Peter Sellers were no showbiz soundbites but thoughtful conversations, in which Michael used his modesty and intelligence to steer guests to often revealing insights. Joan Blakewell remembers Michael Dean, The Guardian, 20 October 2015

Jesus Christ Movie Star

1992, Writer - Television

A Weaver's Son

1991, Writer - Television


1990, Writer, Narrator - Television

The Transformers

1990, Writer, Narrator - Television

The World About Us: Māori - the New Dawn

1985, Presenter - Television


1982 - 1987, Presenter, Reporter - Television

Year of the French

1982, Narrator - Television

Forty Minutes

1981 - 1989, Writer, Narrator - Television

Doris Lessing

1980, Interviewer - Television

Dean on Saturday

1975, Presenter

Argument: Women's Rights: Radical Change

1974, Presenter - Television

Survey - Where Have All the Wowsers Gone?

1972, Presenter - Television

In the early 1970s expat broadcaster Michael Dean took Aotearoa’s pulse, as it loosened its necktie and moved from “ice-cream on mutton, swilled around in tea” conservatism, towards a more cosmopolitan outlook. Dean asks the intelligentsia (James K Baxter, Tim Shadbolt, Peter Cape, Shirley Smith, Bill Sutch, Ian Cross, Peter Beaven, Pat Hanly, Syd Jackson, Hana Te Hemara) for their take. The questions range from “what does the family in Tawa sit down to eat these days?” to the Māori renaissance. Dean had made his name in the 60s, as a high profile broadcaster with the BBC.

Colour Me Pop

1968 - 1969, Presenter - Television

The World about Us

1982, Narrator - Television

Man Alive

1977 - 1981, Reporter, Presenter - Television

Late Night Line-Up

1964 - 1972, Presenter - Television

Today (Australian breakfast show)

1959 - 1974, Presenter - Television

This Week (England)

1981, Reporter - Television