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Michael O'Connor


Some of the cast and crew on 1988 TV movie The Grasscutter. Director Ian Mune is smiling behind the clapper board. Actor Marshall Napier stands behind Mune, in white shirt and dark jacket. Wearing the dark swanndri on Mune's left is director of photography Matt Bowkett. On Mune's right, producer Tom Finlayson kneels in the stripped shirt.

Photo supplied by Brian Walden

Filming with roughly 600 merino sheep and the Southern Alps, for 1977 TV series The Mackenzie Affair. Director of photography Max Quinn is at left of frame, with hand in the air. First Assistant Director Mike Smith stands nearby in red shirt. Between them is UK director Joan Craft, while cameraman Michael O'Connor is on top of the crane on the right.

Photo supplied by Brian Walden

A behind the scenes shot from 1977 TV series The Mackenzie Affair: Michael O’Connor films a fight scene, while one of the show’s animal co-stars looks on.

Photo supplied by Michael O'Connor

A behind the scenes shot taken near Dunedin, for 1985 TV series Hanlon. Cameraman Michael O'Connor is hanging off the car, while actor Bill Ewens is behind the wheel. In the back seat are soundman Neil Newcombe and director Wayne Tourell (half obscured).

Photographer: Graham Wallace. Kindly provided by Wayne Tourell

A shot taken during filming of the Emmy-nominated Minnie Dean episode of Hanlon. Atop the crane is camera operator Michael O'Connor. The scene was shot on the Weka Pass Railway in North Canterbury.

Photograph by Graham Wallace. Kindly provided by Wayne Tourell

Michael O'Connor prepares to roll camera during the making of  TV series Hunter's Gold.

Photograph by Dale Gardiner

This behind the scenes shot reveals some of the in-camera trickery used on TV series Children of Fire Mountain. The mountain in the centre is a painting. It was mounted on glass, directly in front of the camera, to create the illusion that it is part of the real life location (Lake Wainamu). Clowning around (from left) are gaffer Ian Beale, clapper loader David Caldwell, and cinematographer Michael O'Connor. Designer Grant Major is in the light shirt in the background.

Supplied by Brian Walden