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Mike Smith


Director Mike Smith checks the video split, which displays the image being captured by the camera. This shot was taken during the 2013 shoot for docudrama War News, a five part Gibson Group series recreating key moments from WW1.

Director Mike Smith on the set of  Siege, flanked by actors Joel Tobeck (left of frame) and Alastair Browning. The award-winning telemovie is based on the events that followed after Napier man Jan Molenaar opened fire on policemen in 2009. 

Mike Smith/Screentime

A behind the scenes shot from telemovie Siege. Director of photography DJ Stipsen is in shorts on the left of the camera, camera operator Peter Janes is directly behind the camera in sunglasses, director Mike Smith is standing on the right, and actor Kirk Torrance is on far right of frame.

Mike Smith/Screentime