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Murray Newey


The Whole of the Moon co-producer Judith Trye and producer Murray Newey.

Three of the prime players behind Moonrise: (from left to right) Producer Murray Newey, American star Al Lewis, and director David Blyth.

A crew shot, taken during the making of TV series Children of Fire Mountain. Producer Roger Le Mesurier sits holding the camera slate. Standing behind him is cameraman Michael O'Connor. To the right of O'Connor in dark shirts are assistant director Gillian Harris (standing) and makeup woman Jean Thomas. Standing at far left of frame in dark shirt is Murray Newey, next to costume designer Enid Eiriksson. Directly behind the unidentified woman wearing the hat is grip Geoff Jamieson (bearded); to his right (semi-obscured) is director Peter Sharp.

Supplied by Michael O'Connor

First Assistant Director Murray Newey (left) and special effects man Kevin Chisnall at work on Children of Fire Mountain, against the geothermal steam of one of the show's Rotorua locations.

Supplied by Brian Walden