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Narelle Ahrens studied Theatre, Film and English Literature at Victoria University in the 1990s, before building a screen career on both sides of the camera. On-screen she’s acted in a range of productions  including a NZ Film Award nominated role in short film I’m Going to Mum’s, as a mother in the midst of a messy divorce. She's also appeared in movie Jake, and featured in an episode of US anthology series Murder is Forever. Behind the scenes Ahrens works in sound, primarily as a foley artist  creating sound effects  and as a voice actor. She also has musical talents; she is a longtime member of covers group The Beat Girls.

I’m Going to Mum’s is a story about innocence, division, role reversal, loyalty, and autonomy. It’s about the right to lead a whole life. Writer/director Lauren Jackson on short film I'm Going to Mum's (which Narelle Ahrens co-stars in)