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Nicky Marshall


Nicky Marshall studied film in Sydney, before returning home to Aotearoa to make short film Mon Desir. The arresting portrait of a housewife on the edge was invited to complete at the 1992 Cannes Film Festival, in a section devoted to innovative and original filmmaking. She followed it with two tales of adolescence: short Mirage, and hour-long TV drama House of Sticks, in which Kate Elliot debuted as a bulimic 15-year old. Back in Australia, Marshall directed for a number of high profile soaps, then began working as a producer at animation and effects companies. These days she is a business analyst in Sydney.

I’m aware in a lot of ways, not just as a filmmaker, that the choices I’ve got in my life are far greater than my mother had. Nicky Marshall, quoted in Deborah Shephard's 2000 book Reframing Women: A History of New Zealand Film