With 2012 film Tongan Ark, Paul Janman celebrated bilcultural philosopher Futa Helu and the independent university he founded in Nuku'alofa. A sellout at the NZ Film Festival, the documentary's global screenings included travels around the Pacific, often accompanied by live performances. Janman himself is Welsh/English, but raised in Aotearoa. While occupied by various art projects, he also teaches screen production at Auckland University of Technology. Featuring historians, tohunga, actors and gamers, his next documentary is a journey through myth and reality on Auckland's Great South Road.    

Philosophy and filmmaking have caused me to sit with visionaries on pavements and in schools and temples in neglected corners of the earth. Otherwise, I'm interested in what the average person does to stay sane in the Auckland suburbs. Paul Janman

Ghost South Road

2018, Director, Camera - Television

Shared Endeavour

2015, Director, Editor, Camera - Short Film

The Open Broken

2015, Post-Production Supervisor - Short Film

Think Foundations 2

2015, Director, Editor, Camera - Short Film

Umbrellaman - Behind the Scenes

2014, Director, Camera, Co-Editor - Short Film

Tongan Ark

2012, Director, Writer, Camera, Co-Editor - Film

Harmonious Oddity

2008, Co-Director , Editor, Camera - Short Film