The long journalism career of Pulitzer-Prize winner Peter Arnett includes interviews with Fidel Castro, General Manuel Noriega, Saddam Hussein and Osama Bin Laden. But he is probably best known for the two month period in 1991 when he reported on the Gulf War for CNN — the only Western journalist then left in Baghdad.

He came from the right kind of New Zealand provincial journalism training: 'Don't get involved, just get out there and get the facts.' Nick Turner, former Reuters correspondent in Vietnam, in The Listener, 15 April 1991


2011, Subject - Television

An Unlikely Weapon

2008, Subject

WMD: Weapons of Mass Destruction

2004, Subject

15 Minutes

2001, As: Peter Arnett

World Report

2001 - 2002, Reporter - Television

Coming Home

1999, Subject - Television

Coming Home chronicled Kiwi successes abroad, by profiling New Zealanders living and working overseas, then following them back to Aotearoa when they made a return visit. Each episode of the Touchdown Productions series was grouped roughly geographically, with two or three expat New Zealanders featured per episode. Among those reminiscing upon home and opportunity were businesswoman Mary Quin, motor racing legend Steve Millen, journalist Peter Arnett, model Kylie Bax, psychologist John Money, law lecturer Judith Mayhew and singer Patrick Power.


1998 - 1999,1998 - 1999, Reporter, Presenter - Television

CNN Presents

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Poisoning for Profit

1983, Producer, Presenter - Television

Vietnam – The Ten Thousand Day War

1980, Writer

CNN Special Reports

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NET Journal

1968, Reporter - Television