Lancashire born Phillip Schofield is a television fixture in England  — and longtime co-host of weekday magazine show This Morning. Schofield began his TV career in New Zealand after his family moved downunder. He spent three years hosting 1980s music show Shazam!, and was a Radio Hauraki DJ. Then Schofield returned to England and began introducing children's programmes for the BBC. He has since presented many live shows, including Test the Nation, skating series Dancing on Ice and award-winning game show The Cube. For more than a decade, Schofield has presented exclusively for UK network ITV.

Rather like a classic car Phillip has aged well and is still in demand. His openness, affability and easy-going charm allows him to jump from the BBC to ITV with relative ease. Scottish newspaper The Daily Record, 25 February 2006

5 Gold Rings

2017 - ongoing, Presenter - Television

You're Back in the Room

2015 - 2016, Presenter - Television

The Cube

2009 - 2015, Presenter - Television

All Star Mr & Mrs

2008 - 2016, Presenter - Television

Dancing on Ice

2006 - present, Presenter - Television


2005 - 2007, As: Phillip Schofield - Television

Have I Been Here Before?

2005 - 2007, Presenter - Television

Test the Nation (UK version)

2002 - 2005, Presenter - Television

Schofield's Animal Odyssey

1999, Presenter - Television

Schofield's Quest

1994 - 1995, Presenter - Television

Talking Telephone Numbers

1994 - 1997, Presenter - Television

Schofield's Europe

1990 - 1991, Presenter - Television

This Morning

2002 - ongoing, Presenter - Television

Smash Hits Poll Winners Party

1988 - 1991, Presenter - Television

The Movie Game

1988 - 1990 - Television

Going Live!

1987 - 1993, Presenter - Television

Children's BBC

1985 - 1987, Presenter - Television

Shazam! - Mockers Special

1984, Presenter - Television

Phillip Schofield introduces The Mockers at this benefit concert at the Christchurch Town Hall, which was later broadcast on Schofield's youth music show Shazam!. Their first album has just gone straight into the Top 10 and the band are well on their way to becoming pop stars, with Andrew Fagan, resplendent in red frock coat and bare chest, very much out front as one of Kiwi music's great showmen. Six songs are featured — including the hits 'Woke Up Today', 'My Girl Thinks She's Cleopatra', 'Alvison Park' and the title track of the band's 1984 album Swear It's True.

Shazam! in Sydney - Dragon

1983, Presenter - Television

Pop rock anthems like 'Are You Old Enough' made Dragon stars in Australasia in the late 70s, but the band dissolved in 1980. In 1982 they reformed and a reunion tour saw them back in the spotlight. In this excerpt from a Shazam! special on music across the ditch, Phillip Schofield chats with band members Robert Taylor and Paul Hewson about their musical direction ("more keyboards") and the challenges of making it in Australia ("you’ve got to work hard"). A clip from the video for hit single 'Rain', which peaked at number two on the Australian charts, concludes the story.

Shazam! in Sydney - Sharon O'Neill

1983, Presenter - Television

In 1983 music show Shazam! travelled across the ditch to check out how Kiwi musicians were doing in Sydney. This excerpt features an interview with singer Sharon O’Neill, who has been in town for three years and recently had some Aussie success with album Foreign Affairs. Host Phillip Schofield asks O’Neill – sunnies shading her from the Aussie sun – about her favourite venues (The Tivoli), music television in Australia, and the travails of touring. "There’s a lot driving and one-night stands".  Schofield would go on to English TV fame as a breakfast show presenter.


1982 - 1985, Presenter - Television

Shazam! rode the 1980s music video boom created by the advent of MTV and the renaissance in NZ music. Aimed at a younger audience than Radio with Pictures, it played in a late afternoon, weekday time slot, and featured artist interviews and live concerts as well as sponsoring a Battle of the Bands and a music video competition. Presenters were Phillip Schofield (later a presenter with the BBC and ITV), Phillipa Dann (who moved to London with husband and future head of MTV Europe Brent Hansen) and, finally, Michelle Bracey (who became a documentary director).