Samoan Kiwi Ramona Papali'i was one of the first Pasifika women to appear regularly on Kiwi television. In the late 1970s she joined the team on weekly show Pacific Viewpoint — "they wanted someone who had a degree, could speak fluent Samoan and could drive. I had none of these things but I bull******d my way through." Thanks to her gumption and talent, by 1980 she was presenting See Here, a short lunchtime programme aimed at Māori and Pacific Islanders. Papali'i stayed on for the show's entire six year run. In 1994 she presented documentary series Tagata Tangata, about the people of Polynesia.

When I joined TV my family were so proud, my mother was beaming. I also got a good response from all Polynesians, suddenly we were all one. Ramona Papali'i in Broadsheet issue 133, October 1985, page 14

Maramataka: Once Were Gardeners

2004 - 2006, Creator , Producer - Television

Tagata Tangata

1993, Presenter, Narrator - Television

See Here - Taura Eruera

1983, Presenter - Television

In this short programme made for Māori and Pacific Islanders, onetime Ngā Tamatoa activist Taura Eruera is interviewed about his new venture: a music school in Auckland. Samoan-Kiwi presenter Ramona Papali'i (Pacific Viewpoint) talks to Eruera about his School of Creative Musicianship. Eruera is looking for a good attitude in prospective students, and he invites interested people to call his home phone number, which he gives out on national television. See Here ran for six years before it was replaced by Tagata Pasifika.

See Here

1980 - 1986, Presenter, Writer - Television

This long-running weekday series was aimed at Māori and Pacific Island viewers. Presented by young Kiwi-Samoan Ramona Papali'i, the five-minute long show was broadcast during lunchtimes from 1980 to 1986. Papali'i, who had worked on earlier television show Pacific Viewpoint, was one of the only Pacific Islanders on-screen at the time. Donna Awatere Huata also made an appearance, instructing how children could be taught to read. After See Here went off air, Pacific Island magazine show Tagata Pasifika began a multidecade run in 1987.

Pacific Viewpoint

1978 - 1979, Reporter - Television

Following campaigns in the 1970s for more Māori and Polynesian broadcasting, Pacific Viewpoint marked one of New Zealand television's earliest forays into ongoing Pacific programming. It was made largely by Pākehā,  although the presenting and reporting team included John Rangihau, Pere Maitai and Katerina Mataira. The title of the weekly series signalled a focus on Pacific stories, but the show struck a balance between both Māori and Pacific topics. Screening on Sunday afternoons on South Pacific Television, the series was initially produced in Hamilton.