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Rebecca Tansley

Director, Producer

Rebecca Tansley was running an upmarket Dunedin restaurant when she entered a scriptwriting contest. Tansley won a spot, and Māori Television drama The Waiting Game (2008) was filmed in the restaurant. A year later she made her first short film, Eden. In 2015 she directed and produced feature film Crossing Rachmaninoff, a music documentary which featured at several international film festivals. In 2018 she turned her hand to dance with The Heart Dances - the Journey of The Piano: the Ballet. Tansley has also handled publicity for production company NHNZ, and wrote the tie-in book for NHNZ series Big Pacific.

There was a period of weeks when I was like, ‘What was I thinking, this is not going to be a film, I’m out of my depth, I’m going to have to tell these people who gave me money that I can’t do this.’ But then it all started falling into place. Rebecca Tansley on editing feature-length documentary Crossing Rachmaninoff, Metro, 19 July 2015