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Meeting journalists while watching music gigs planted the seed for Rebecca Wright to become a reporter. She liked their "exciting" work and the fact that they weren't stuck in an office. Since then Wright has become a well known face on Three and TV One, as a general and political reporter, and foreign correspondent. The Wellingtonian began her journalism career on 3 News, and has gone on to report for Campbell Live, The Paul Henry Show, Breakfast and 1 News. She spent three years in New York as 1 News' stateside correspondent before moving back to New Zealand in early 2020, to report full-time for TVNZ 1's current affairs show Sunday.

We've had an amazing time here and an amazing adventure, and I think we will all take a little bit of New York with us. Rebecca Wright on being based in New York for three years while reporting for TVNZ, TV Guide, 27 February 2020