Richard O’Brien made his mark in the history of musicals — and cult movies — after creating the tale of a sweet transvestite from Transylvania. The Rocky Horror Picture Show has played on cinema screens for decades. The stage show continues to win new fans. O’Brien has gone on to a wide range of projects, including movie Dark City and hosting New Zealand’s DNA Detectives and UK hit The Crystal Maze.

I left school with no qualifications and apparently no potential. Rock 'n' roll kept me going. I was a gauche undereducated teenager who loved comics, B-movies and all things populist. I adored them. I love the joy and the spirit and the unintentional comedy in B-movies. Richard O'Brien on the inspirations behind Rocky Horror, in a March 2013 interview with British website The Skinny

The Stolen

2017, As: Mr Russell - Film

The Stolen follows English migrant Charlotte Lockton (Alice Eve, from Star Trek: Into Darkness) as she sets out to track down her kidnapped baby in gold rush era 1860s New Zealand. En route she meets gamblers, hustlers, prostitutes and Māori warriors. Bringing the era to life are Scotsman Graham McTavish (The Hobbit), Brit James Davenport (as the romantic interest), Rocky Horror Show creator Richard O’Brien, Cohen Holloway and singer Stan Walker. Produced and originated by London-based Kiwi Emily Corcoran, the film was directed by Brit Niall Johnson (comedy Keeping Mum).  

DNA Detectives

2015 - ongoing , Presenter - Television

The Last Impresario

2013, Subject - Film

God Save the Queens

2012, Subject - Television

Phineas and Ferb the Movie: Across the 2nd Dimension

2011, As: Lawrence Fletcher, Lawrence-2 - Film

Pop's Greatest Dance Crazes

2011, Subject - Television

The British Guide to Showing Off

2011, Subject - Film

Jackboots on Whitehall

2010, As: Himmler - Film

Night Train

2009, As: Mrs Froy - Film

Tales of the Fourth Dimension

2009, As: Time Master - Film

Richard O'Brien's Dead Strange

2008, Presenter - Television

An Evening with Richard O'Brien

2008, Subject - Television

Once Upon a Time in New York: The Birth of Hip Hop, Disco and Pop

2007, Narrator - Television

Phineas and Ferb

2007 - 2014, As: Lawrence Fletcher - Television

The Dame Edna Treatment

2007, Guest - Television

The Ten Commandments (American mini-series)

2006, As: Anander - Television

Girls and Boys: Sex and British Pop

2005, Subject - Television

The Perfect Scary Movie

2005, Subject - Television

Sex at 24 Frames Per Second

2003, Subject - Film

Elvira's Haunted Hills

2001, As: Lord Vladimere Hellsubus - Film

Dungeons and Dragons

2000, As: Xilus - Film

Rocky Horror 25: Anniversary Special

2000, Subject - Television

Coming Home

1999, Subject - Television

Coming Home chronicled Kiwi successes abroad, by profiling New Zealanders living and working overseas, then following them back to Aotearoa when they made a return visit. Each episode of the Touchdown Productions series was grouped roughly geographically, with two or three expat New Zealanders featured per episode. Among those reminiscing upon home and opportunity were businesswoman Mary Quin, motor racing legend Steve Millen, journalist Peter Arnett, model Kylie Bax, psychologist John Money, law lecturer Judith Mayhew and singer Patrick Power.

Coming Home - Richard O'Brien & Patrick Power

1999, Subject - Television

Two expat Kiwis return home from the United Kingdom in this episode of Coming HomeRocky Horror creator Richard O’Brien, and renowned opera tenor Patrick Power. Power returns for work: he’s performing two demanding roles in Pagliacci and Cavalleria rusticana in Auckland. O’Brien’s visit is far more relaxed, visiting old haunts, his siblings and a former employer. Despite the pair espousing love for their UK residences, both fall victim to that irresistible allure of home. O'Brien, a British citizen raised in Aotearoa, was finally granted citizenship in 2011.

Dark City

1998, As: Mr Hand - Film

A Perfect Carry On

1998, Subject - Television

Ever After

1998, As: Pierre Le Pieu - Film

The Rocky Horror Double Feature Video Show

1995, Subject - Television

The Ink Thief

1994, As: The Ink Thief - Television

Mystery Train

1991, Presenter - Television

The Crystal Maze

1990 - 1993, Presenter - Television

The Wolves of Willoughby Chase

1989, As: James - Film

Revolution (American film)

1985, As: Lord Hampton - Film

Robin of Sherwood

1986, As: Gulnar - Television

Digital Dreams

1983, As: Partidge the Surly Servant, Additional Dialogue - Television

Shock Treatment (British film)

1981, Writer, Composer, As: Doctor Cosmo McKinley - Film

Flash Gordon

1981, As: Fico - Film

The Rocky Horror Treatment

1981, Subject - Television

Rushton's Illustrated

1980, Actor - Television

Jubilee (British film)

1978, As: John Dee - Film


1977, Writer, As Reporter - Television


1975, As: General Desmond - Television

The Rocky Horror Picture Show

1975, Writer, Composer, As: Riff-Raff: A Handyman - Film

Four Dimensions of Greta

1972, As: Balding Hippy - Film

ITV Playhouse

1977, As: Dave Head - Television

Casino Royale (comedy film)

1967, Stunts - Film