Though he co-created TV border security drama Orange Roughies, Rod Johns was best-known for offering a helping hand. A writer and film reviewer for Real Groove, Johns began making his own short films and helped many Aucklanders on their film projects. Renowned for his try anything attitude (which included 250 skydives), Johns might be arranging a fight scene, setting up the lights, or acting. Rod Johns died of lung cancer on April 30 2014. He was 71.

I know from other industry friends and colleagues that he always gave his all on set and in everything he was involved in. Director Jonathon Rayner-Burt, in Auckland City Harbour News, 9 May 2014

Clear Eyes: Rise of the Zombies

2014, Associate Producer - Short Film

Moral Prerogative

2014, Editor, Writer, Director - Short Film

Stella 459

2014, Associate Producer - Short Film

The Window

2014, As: Samuel Jones - Short Film


2013, As: Grandfather - Short Film


2012, Camera, Editor, Writer, Producer - Short Film

Looking at Love

2011, Actor, Producer, Writer, Director - Short Film

A Brief Childhood Adventure

2010, Camera, Producer, Writer, Director - Short Film

Russian Snark

2010, Actor - Film

Writer Stephen Sinclair’s feature directing debut was inspired by a Russian couple who sailed to Aotearoa in a lifeboat. From there, he created this witty and unusual love story about Mischa (Stephen Papps) — an uncompromising filmmaker fallen on hard times — and his wife, looking for a country more appreciative of his art. But Mischa also has to reconcile his art with his humanity — with help from his neighbour (Stephanie Tauevihi, in an award-winning performance). The 15 minute making of documentary offers a cautionary tale for creatives looking to work with poultry.

Rockin' Chaos

2009, As: Alex, Writer, Producer - Short Film

Orange Roughies

2006 - 2007, Creator, Writer - Television

Orange Roughies was a 'border security' drama series following a Police and Customs task force led by Danny Wilder (Australian actor Nicholas Coughan). Made for TV One, the ScreenWorks production was likely inspired by Australian television hit Water Rats. Set in and around Auckland Harbour, it featured storylines involving drug busts, child trafficking, undercover ops and plenty of land-sea chase action. The show was created by Rod Johns and former policeman Scott McJorrow. The script team was rounded out by Kristen Warner and series writer Greg McGee.

Orange Roughies - First Episode

2006, Creator - Television

Orange Roughies was a 'border security' drama series following a Police and Customs task force in Auckland.  Storylines included drugs busts, undercover ops and plenty of motorised chase action. In this excerpt from the first episode, customs officer Jane Durant (McLeod's Daughters actor Zoe Naylor) boards a ship suspected of trafficking children from China. The TV One series was devised by ex policeman Scott McJorrow and Rod Johns, for production company ScreenWorks. 

Cleopatra 2525

2001, Actor - Television

Jackson's Wharf

2000, Actor - Television

Created by Gavin Strawhan and Rachel Lang, Jackson’s Wharf was set in a fictional coastal town and revolved around a sibling rivalry between brothers Frank (the town cop) and Ben Jackson (a big smoke lawyer). Returning with his family, golden boy Ben has controversially inherited the local pub from his recently deceased father. Produced by South Pacific Pictures, the one hour popular drama screened for two seasons. Writer James Griffin and director Niki Caro worked on the show, alongside much of the talent who would later create Mercy Peak and Outrageous Fortune.