Ronald Sinclair began his movie career at age 11 as Ra Hould, when he appeared in Down on the Farm (1935), a contender for New Zealand’s first feature-length drama made with sound. The following year he went to Hollywood, where MGM changed his name to Ronald Sinclair for movie Thoroughbreds Don’t Cry. After war service with the US Army he worked for more than two decades as a film editor.

I am not a second Freddie Bartholomew. I am myself and nobody else. Ronald Sinclair in an NZ Herald interview, 4 December 1937

Die Hard 2

1990, Sound - Film

Child's Play

1988, Sound - Film

Die Hard

1988, Sound - Film


1985, Sound - Film

The Little Dragons

1979, Editor - Film

Dead of Night

1974, Editor - Film

How Do I Love Thee?

1970, Editor - Film

Thunder Alley

1967, Editor - Film

The Trip

1967, Editor - Film

The Haunted Palace

1963, Editor, Associate Producer - Film

The Raven

1963, Editor - Film

Premature Burial

1962, Editor - Film

Submarine Seahawk

1958, Editor, Associate Producer - Film

Invasion of the Saucer Men

1957, Editor - Film

Five Guns West

1955, Editor - Film

The Moon is Blue

1953, Film Editor - Film

Desperate Journey

1942, As: Flight Sergeant Lloyd Hollis - Film

Five Little Peppers

1939 - 1940, As: Jasper - Film

Boots and Saddles

1937, As: Spud/Edward Lord of Grandby (billed as Ra Hould) - Film

Thoroughbreds Don't Cry

1937, As: Roger Calverton - Film

Beloved Enemy

1936, As: Jerry (billed as Ra Hould) - Film

Down on the Farm

1935, As: Colonel's Son (billed as Ra Hould) - Film