Based in London since 1998, Sharron Ward has directed and produced for TV3, the BBC, and MTV. Working primarily as a documentary filmmaker with her company Katalyst Productions, Ward produced award-winning doco Addicted in Afghanistan. Her Kiwi resume includes directing videos for The Nixons, and teaming with producer Leanne Saunders for an AIDS day public service announcement that won an NZ AIDS Foundation Media Award. 

We believe in making films that matter, and we’re committed to making unique well-authored films about the human spirit, inspiring individuals and people who make a difference in today’s world. Katalyst Productions website

Addicted in Afghanistan

2009, Writer, Producer, Editor - Film

Cannes in a Van

2008, Director, Writer, Producer, Editor, Camera - Short Film

The Drum

1997 - 1998, Producer, Director - Television

Ten Guitars

1996, Art Director - Television

This full-length documentary gives warm-spirited context to the song that has been the soundtrack to countless back lawn crate parties and freezing works chains (watch the credits). It was released as the B-side of singer Engelbert Humperdinck's Please Release Me, and became an unlikely hit in Aotearoa with fans who have done the "dance, dance, dance ...": including Dalvanius (who discusses its "pop-schlock" charms), Bunny Walters, The Topp Twins, and a special group of ten guitarists. The documentary also explores why "the national anthem of Patea" is so appealing to Māori.

Basement Static

1995, Director, Producer - Music video

Killer Clown

1995, Art Director - Music video

Stuart Page's work is sometimes controversial, often breathtakingly beautiful, and always memorable. And Killer Clown, one of the most exhilaratingly engaging and original music videos NZ has ever produced, is no exception. The delightful colours, simple special effects and outstanding performances merge to produce a kind of sickly sweet malevolence, rendering this work of art greater than the sum of its parts. 

Dis (Illusions)

1994, Director, Editor - Short Film

Down with a D

1994, Director, Producer - Music video


1993, Director - Short Film

Sunday (magazine show)

1991 - 1994, Subject - Television

Sunday was one of a number of magazine-style shows to screen on TVNZ, in a weekend morning slot. It was hosted by Radio New Zealand presenter Kathryn Asare, who the previous year had been drafted in to present a similar show, 10AM. Liz Gunn (Breakfast) later took over the reins. Many of the items on Sunday had an arts bent, including pieces on designer/producer Logan Brewer, and La Sagrada Família architect Mark Burry. Sunday is not to be confused with the long-running TVNZ current affairs show of the same name.