From a turbulent beginning in Auckland, self-styled adventurer and traveller Shayle Gardner was regularly employed on the British stage, and managed NZ troops’ entertainment during World War I. He also played his part in UK silent film history, starring in Comin’ thro' the Rye and The Three Passions. Gardner also had a short, tantalising stay in Hollywood; but in the end he came to rest in the place of his birth.Image credit: Alexander Turnbull Library, Eph-A-DRAMA-1922-01 (Detail)

(Gardner), the New Zealand actor, gives, one of the most complete, dominating and human performances ever put on the screen. 1929 review of film The Three Passions, England's Daily Mail newspaper


1939, As: Manager - Film

Under the Red Robe (sound version)

1937, As: Louis - Film

The Brown Wallet

1936, As: Wotherspoone - Film

The Scat Burglars

1936, As: Crook - Film

Wolf's Clothing

1936, As: Babo - Film

The Love Test

1935, As: Night Watchman - Film

The Medium

1935, As: Dr Petrov - Short Film


1934, As: Comissioner - Film

The Lodger (sound version)

1932, As: Detective Snell - Film

The Return of Dr. Fu Manchu

1930, As: Detective Harding - Film


1929, As: Dr Williams - Film

The Alley Cat

1929, As: Inspector Fordham - Film

The Three Passions

1929, As: Lord Bellamont - Film

Three Live Ghosts (sound version)

1929, As: Briggs - Film

Tommy Atkins

1928, As: Mason - Film

The Chinese Bungalow

1926, As: Richard Marquess - Film

Comin' Thro' the Rye

1923, As: Paul Vasher - Film

St. Elmo (British version)

1923, As: St Elmo Murray - Film

The Wandering Jew

1923, As: Pietro Morelli - Film

Poetic License

1922, As: Tony Hamilton - Short Film