Spencer Jolly began his television career in Dunedin, reporting for 60s magazine show Town and Around. He went on to work on election night coverage, Dunedin’s South Tonight, and Fair Go. Jolly moved to Brisbane in the late 70s, and in 1986 began a 27 year stint as a political reporter for Nine News. When he retired in 2013, Nine managing director Kylie Blucher argued Queensland hadn’t seen a better political reporter.

He covered the tumult of Queensland politics without fear or favour and broke exclusive stories throughout his long and distinguished career with Nine News. He is trusted absolutely by politicians of all political persuasions to keep confidences and is regarded for his fair, straight-down-the-middle reporting. Mike Dalton, Director of Nine News Queensland, June 2013

The Beatles

1994, Presenter - Television

Fair Go

1977 - 85, Reporter - Television

Popular consumer affairs show Fair Go is one of New Zealand TV's longest-running series. It began in 1977, devised by Brian Edwards and producer Peter Morritt. The TVNZ programme mixes investigative reporting (daring to "name names" and expose rip-off merchants everywhere) with light-hearted segments. Its roster of presenters has included Edwards, Judith Fyfe, Hugo Manson, Philip Alpers, Kerre McIvor (nee Woodham), Carol Hirschfeld, Gordon Harcourt, and longest serving host, Kevin Milne. A perennial favourite segment is the round-up of the year's ad campaigns.  

Tonight at Nine

1975 - 1980, Reporter - Television

The South Tonight - Johnny Devlin

1972, Interviewer - Television

Fresh off roughly a decade of performing overseas, legendary Kiwi rock'n'roller Johnny Devlin sits down with The South Tonight's Spencer Jolly to talk about his Rock Revival tour of NZ. He recounts stories of past tours, where fans ripped shirts off his back, and notes his 1972 tour has also had its moments — some of the entourage were injured on last night's concert. Devlin seems in two minds about continuing touring: he talks about retiring from it if promoters won't pay for his family to join him. Devlin would still be performing when he toured with Ray Columbus in 2006, 34 years later.

The South Tonight (Dunedin)

1970 - 1976, Reporter - Television

In 1969, the arrival of network television ushered in a new era of regional news to replace Town and Around, whose four editions had served local audiences in the 1960s. Christchurch and Dunedin now got different shows, both called The South Tonight. The DNTV-2 edition covered Otago/Southland; it was presented by Derek Payne and produced by Bruce Morrison. The show disappeared in 1975 but, following the amalgamation of TV1 and South Pacific Television, re-emerged in the early 1980s (initially as 7.30 South), this time with Jim Mora in the front seat.  

Town and Around

1966 - 1970, Reporter - Television

Town and Around was a nightly magazine show, covering everything from current affairs and studio interviews to slapstick to stunts; including a notorious spoof on a farmer who shod his turkeys in gumboots. A popular and wide-ranging regional series, it ran for five years from 1965, and was the training ground for a generation of industry professionals (Brian Edwards, David McPhail, and Des Monaghan amongst many others). Town and Around was made prior to a national network link, and editions came out of Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch and Dunedin.

Nine News

1986 - 2013, Reporter, Presenter - Television