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Stefen Harris

Director, Writer

Stefen Harris (aka Stefan Lewis) faced off against Peter Jackson in a Spot On short film contest, while both were teenagers. In 2006, after various efforts to film his debut novel had failed, Harris hired a small crew and turned it into multi-awardwinning mockumentary The Waimate Conspiracy. The longtime policeman followed it with small-town ecological comedy No Petrol, No Diesel! After winning a 2007 scholarship, he was mentored in the United States by Kiwi-born director Martin Campbell (Casino Royale). His third feature, 2018 petrol station thriller Blue Moon, was shot on an iPhone. It debuted at the 2018 Christchurch Film Festival. 

I agonised over the decision long and hard before taking the risk of directing it myself ... It seemed that everyone involved knew more about film than I did but I kept telling myself I knew more about this film than anyone else. I knew if it was a failure there was no-one else to blame. Stefen Harris in Onfilm, on his award-winning debut The Waimate Conspiracy