After starring in feature Broken Barrier — the only New Zealand feature made in the 1950s — Terence Bayler departed for England, to continue a six-decade long acting career that encompassed Monty Python, William Shakespeare and Harry Potter. Born in Wanganui on 24 January 1930, Bayler passed away in England on 2 August 2016.

A studio spokesman said the fight had been most realistic. At first the studio nurse had not been able to tell the difference between the actor's real blood and Polanski's prop blood, his own special mixture which includes instant coffee. 1971 Evening Post article on Terence Bayler's injuries, during a swordfight on Roman Polanski's The Tragedy of MacBeth

We Know What We Know

2010, As: Nicholas - Short Film

Father’s Day

2008, As: Cinema Owner - Short Film

Life Begins

2005, As: Jack Russell

Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone

2001, As: The Bloody Baron - Film

Lipstick on Your Collar

1993, As: General

The Other Side of Paradise

1992, As: Colonel Fawcett

All at Number 20

1986, As: Mr Warren


1981, As: John Rochfort - Film

This fictionalised account of pioneering 19th century photographers the Burton brothers is set partly in Dunedin during the closing stages of the New Zealand Wars. William and Alfred take contrasting approaches to representing their subjects — and are treated accordingly by the authorities, who are attempting to attract new settlers while brutally suppressing Māori. Produced by veteran John O'Shea (who co-wrote with playwright Robert Lord), the tale of art, commerce and colonisation was largely well received as a thoughtful essay at revisionist history. 

The Squad

1980, As: Commander Fenton

Monty Python's Life of Brian

1979, As: Gregory - Film

The Rutles: All You Need is Cash

1978, As: Leggy Mountbatten

Centre Play – Old Man March is Dead

1976, As: Major Woods

Rutland Weekend Television

1975 - 1976, Various roles - Television

A Picture of Katherine Mansfield

1973, Actor - Television

The Tragedy of MacBeth

1971, As: MacDuff - Film


1963, As: Bernard

Doctor Who

1966,1969, As: Yendom, As: Major Barrington - Television

You Can't Win

1961, As: Archie

Man in the Moon

1960, Actor - Film

The Pohutukawa Tree (BBC adaptation)

1959, As: George Rawlings - Television

Family Tree

1958, Actor - Short Film

Broken Barrier

1952, As: Tom Sullivan - Film

Broken Barrier marked the first New Zealand dramatic feature to be made since 1940. Its production saw directors John O'Shea and Roger Mirams crowding into a Vauxhall with two silent cameras, one picked up "from a dead German in the Western Desert". Ditching dialogue for 'spoken thoughts', the pioneering film examines cultural complications in a romance between a Pākehā journalist (Terence Bayler) and a Māori nurse (Kay Ngarimu, aka Keita Whakato Walker). According to O'Shea, some viewers considered it "a dirty movie" for spurring mixed race relationships.