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Tova O'Brien


Awrd-winning reporter Tova O’Brien did time in the parliamentary press gallery before joining MediaWorks in 2007, where she filed reports across the company’s TV news shows. She moved to London in 2016 as European correspondent for Newshub (Mediaworks' rebranded news division), covering Brexit, elections and the Grenfell Tower disaster. O'Brien made the news herself after being cautioned in 2015 for filming outside Chris Cairns' London perjury trial. In May 2018 she returned to Wellington as Newshub's Political Editor, before winning further headlines over plans to move into breakfast radio in 2022, on new channel Today FM.

Tova is an exceptional news talent, filing on every major story in Europe over the past two years. I'm looking forward to her bringing that insight and presence back to Wellington for Newshub. Newshub chief news officer Hal Crawford, on O’Brien’s appointment as Newshub's Political Editor, 15 February 2018