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Wade Doak


Described by New Zealand Geographic as the "doyen of New Zealand diving", Wade Doak was an author, marine ecologist and conservationist. Along with Kelly Tarlton he was a pioneer of underwater exploration and filming in Aotearoa. Behind and in front of the camera, he contributed to documentaries for Wild South and production company NHNZ, and showcased Aotearoa’s undersea world to wide audiences.

...that day the dolphins seemed to be running the whole film show themselves. While Jan wriggled into the dolphin suit the film crew were surrounded by dolphins. I’ve never seen them behaving in such an intimate manner, really hamming it up: cruising straight towards the camera on the surface, several fins converging on the lens like a Jaws fantasy, making delicate arching leaps right alongside the inflatable... Wade Doak on filming 1978 documentary First Move, in his 2012 book Gaia Calls