The son of a Canterbury mayor and lay preacher, Winter Hall turned his early love of acting into a long and steady Hollywood career. He used friendships forged in Australasian dramatic companies to gain entrée into the silent film world, and became a valuable, “poised and distinguished” supporting actor in over 100 films, including 1925 silent epic Ben-Hur. His career continued unabated through the introduction of the ‘talkies’. Image credit: Alexander Turnbull Library, B-158-009 (detail)

His ascetic cast of countenance and snow white hair gave him an ideal appearance for a clergyman, a family lawyer, a British nobleman, a stern parent, a prosecuting attorney, a judge … He was so useful as a type that Hollywood never bothered to discover whether he could act or not. Australian newspaper The Morning Bulletin, 1 April 1930, Page 10

If I Were King

1938, As: Major Domo - Film

Judge Priest

1934, As: Judge Floyd Fairleigh - Film

The Racketeer

1929, As: Mr Chapman - Film

Ben Hur: A Tale of the Christ

1925, As: Joseph - Film


1925, As: Ambassador - Film


1925, As: Lord Amersteth - Film

Husbands and Lovers

1924, As: Robert Stanton - Film

Her Reputation

1923, As: John Mansfield - Film

Little Church Around the Corner

1923, As: Doc - Film

The Voice from the Minaret

1923, As: Bishop Ellsworth - Film

Thundering Dawn

1923, As: The Elder Standish - Film

Burning Sands

1922, As: Governor - Film

The Affairs of Anatol

1921, As: Dr Johnston - Film

The Jucklins

1921, As: General Lundsford - Film

Hearts are Trumps

1920, As: Lord Altcar - Film

The Dub

1919, As: Burley Hadden - Film

The Turn in the Road

1919, As: Reverend Matthew Barker - Film

When Bearcat Went Dry

1919, As: Lone Stacy - Film

Beauty in Chains

1918, As: Don Cayetano - Film

Till I Come Back to You

1918, As: King Albert - Film

The Kaiser, the Beast of Berlin

1918, As: Dr Von Gressler - Film

A Romance of the Redwoods

1917, As: Jenny's Uncle - Film

The Bronze Bride

1917, As: Mr Carter - Film

The Primrose Ring

1917, As: Dr Ralph MacLean - Film

The Gift Girl

1917, As: Usun Hassan - Film

The Joan of Arc of Loos

1916, Actor - Film

The Pioneers

1916, As: Dan Farrell - Film

The Woman in the Case

1916, Actor - Film