Antony Starr: Rising Starr...

Interview, Camera and Editing – James Coleman

Some of Antony Starr’s first roles in front of the camera were on Shortland Street, where he played three different characters. But in contrast to playing brothers Van and Jethro West in Outrageous Fortune, these first roles were played one at a time not all at once. In the intervening years, Starr has breathed life into scripts from many of NZ’s most popular film and television productions.


Jackie van Beek - Funny As Interview

Jackie van Beek's CV is as impressive as it is long — she's a respected actor, writer, and director across comedy and drama, for stage, television and film.


Jeremy & Nigel Corbett - Funny As Interview

Brothers Nigel and Jeremy Corbett were a musical comedy duo, before they joined comedy group Facial DBX (see this interview) and hosted stand-up comedy show A Bit After Ten. Jeremy has achieved further success as a comedian and broadcaster, and Nigel pursued a career in advertising.


Rob Sarkies: Three movies and two little boys...

Interview and Editing - Ian Pryor. Camera - Andy Chappell

Rob Sarkies' first three movies have all begun in southern climes, then headed in unexpected directions. Scarfies celebrates Dunedin student life, before morphing into a twisted examination of morality under fire. Out of the Blue celebrates community and the ordinary person, while recreating the 1990 killings at Aramoana. Two Little Boys is a black comedy featuring Flight of the Conchords star Bret McKenzie and Australian comedian Hamish Blake.