Push Push

Push Push, from Auckland's North Shore, took elements of LA hair metal and glam rock and combined them with the presence and huge voice of lead singer (and future radio and TV presenter) Mikey Havoc. Their infectious debut single 'Trippin'' spent six weeks at number one in 1991 but two further singles, and a respectably-received album in A Trillion Shades of Happy, couldn't emulate its success. 'Trippin'' later had a second life in a techno version by Miz Ima Starr and Baitercell which featured in Athina Tsoulis' feature film I'll Make You Happy.


Space Waltz

Few Kiwi acts have made the immediate impact that glam rock band Space Waltz did as they exploded into living rooms on TV talent show Studio One in 1974. The judges were wary (to say the least) but the exposure rocketed their debut single ‘Out on the Street’ to the top of the charts. An album followed but failed to replicate that initial success. Space Waltz was largely Alastair Riddell’s project but band members also included Mike Chunn and Eddie Rayner (from Split Enz) and drummer Brent Eccles, who later joined Australian rockers The Angels.

Bill Gavin


New Zealander Bill Gavin began his film career in the United Kingdom. After arranging finance for everything from The Killing Fields to Sid and Nancy, he returned home in the 90s to produce a number of features, including What Becomes of the Broken Hearted? and Jubilee. During two years as Head of Feature Films at South Pacific Pictures, he helped develop and finance 2002 hit Whale Rider.