Renowned for building artful sweet'n'dirty musings from basic pop frames, Superette was born in 1993 when David Mulcahy (ex-JPS Experience) teamed up with Ben Howe and Greta Anderson. In 1995, the trio unleashed the aural animal within, by way of their debut EP Rosepig, and then 1996's full-length album Tiger. Both releases showcased the songwriting talent of Mulcahy, and were applauded as paragons of languid, dark but lilting kiwi pop.

Killer Clown

Superette, Music Video, 1995

Stuart Page's work is sometimes controversial, often breathtakingly beautiful, and always memorable. And Killer Clown, one of the most exhilaratingly engaging and original music videos NZ has ever produced, is no exception. The delightful colours, simple special effects and outstanding performances merge to produce a kind of sickly sweet malevolence, rendering this work of art greater than the sum of its parts. 

First Hand - A New Breed of Hero

Television, 1993 (Full Length)

This extended episode of First Hand sees a couple at an economic crossroads, and making the decision to move into self-employment. After finding their jobs in Auckland compromised, Alec and Sheena McDonald set out to find and buy their own dairy in a small North Island town. They end up in Awakeri, near Whakatāne. The lifestyle transition is far from trouble-free, as the couple must negotiate the worlds of bureaucracy and banking to insure their new business stays afloat. The documentary provides insights into running a small business during a time of economic reform.


Stuart Page: On making music videos...

Interview - James Coleman. Camera and Editing - Leo Guerchmann

Director, photographer and Axemen drummer Stuart Page is a prolific filmmaker, who has made over 40 music videos. Page has directed clips for Superette, The Clean, and The Skeptics’ infamous AFFCO. In 2009 he won Best Feature Documentary and Best Emerging filmmaker at the DocNZ International Film Festival for his film Shustak, a portrait of American photographer Laurence Shustak. Page also compiled alternative music compilation Noisyland.


The Jean-Paul Sartre Experience

The Jean-Paul Sartre Experience (also known as JPS Experience and JPSE), produced a stream of quirky guitar driven dream-pop for over a decade after forming in 1985. The Flying Nun regulars had both local and international success during that time with US indie label Communion releasing a version of their 1987 Love Songs album to critical acclaim. After the band broke up in 1995, David Mulcahy went on to form Superette, and later Eskimo (or Kimo), while David Yetton recorded two albums with Stereo Bus and one solo album.

Stuart Page


Director, photographer and Axemen drummer Stuart Page is a prolific maker of music videos. Page has directed promos for Superette, The Clean, and The Skeptics' infamous 'AFFCO'. In 2009 he won Doc NZ International Film Festival awards for feature documentary and emerging filmmaker, for his doco Shustak, a portrait of US photographer Larence Shustak. Page also put together alternative music compilation Noisyland