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A Flickering Truth

Film (Trailer) – 2015


When the Taliban attempted to destroy reels upon reels of historic Afghan film, a group of brave archivists hid the films away in a few dusty sheds in the middle of the desert. When German-based Afghani filmmaker Ibrahim Arafy returned to the Middle East to track down and restore the long hidden films, Kiwi filmmaker Pietra Brettkelly joined him, to tell the story of the archive's restoration under immensely trying conditions. Working with unskilled labourers amidst ongoing conflict, Arafy’s team do their best to save an integral part of their nation’s culture.

... builds into a revelatory document about Afghanistan and its current travails ... Film, it becomes clear, has a special role here: as repository of history and culture that the Taliban’s year-zero mentality aimed to abolish ... This is moving, powerful stuff.
– Guardian writer Andrew Pulver, in a four star review of A Flickering Truth, 28 April 2016

Key Cast & Crew

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Pietra Brettkelly

Director, Producer, Writer

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Jacob Bryant


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Nicolas Chaudeurge


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Richard Wills

Sound Mix

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Will Reece

Sound Mix

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Colleen Brennan

Sound Mix

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