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Act of Kindness Film (Trailer) – 2015 Documentary

Act of Kindness

Film (Trailer) – 2015 Documentary

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Act of Kindness follows the search for one very helpful man, in a country of 11 million people. In 1999 Kiwi Sven Pannell arrived penniless in Rwanda, after bribing himself out of a worrying encounter with rebel militia in Burundi. He was saved by a street beggar who spoke perfect English. Eight years later Pannell got the chance to return to Rwanda with camera in hand, and say thanks  if only he can track his saviour down. Directed by Pannell and Costa Botes (Forgotten Silver), the documentary is a portrait of compassion, obsession, and a nation recovering from tragedy.

Key Cast & Crew

Matt Stutter

Sound Mix, Sound Design

Costa Botes

Co-Director, Editor

Sven Pannell

Co-Director, Camera, Subject

...I think people are going to like it if early indications are any clue. The pleasure of the audience is proportional to the suffering of the artist, and we’ve gone through plenty on this one.
– Costa Botes


Buy Act of Kindness on DVD here, from Costa Botes' website

World premiere on 25 July 2015 at Wellington's Paramount Theatre, as part of the New Zealand Internatonal Film Festival