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Hero image for American Pie - 1, First Episode

American Pie - 1, First Episode

Television (Full Length Episode) – 1988

(American Pie) shows a country that, for all its faults and contradictions, has an all persuasive energy and positiveness from which we could learn a lot.
– Director Geoff Steven in The Listener, 27 May 1989, page 62
America, it looms over the 20th century, a political, cultural and economic colossus, the most powerful and pervasive nation in history. Government decisions made here rumble around the world in just a few hours. When the economy slumps, we all go into decline.
– Presenter Gordon McLauchlan
We've had quiet Americans and ugly Americans. We've had Americans as nice as pie, Americans eating humble pie, Americans with fingers in the pie. We've had the upper crust, a lot of fillings, a bit of the base, but many of the scrappings.
– David Hill, in a Listener review of American Pie, 4 February 1989
The way I’d like to promote the programme is to say: “Have some Americans around at your place at 8 o’clock on Saturday night." Because that’s what it really is — a conversation.
– Director Geoff Steven in On Film, March 1991, page 33