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An Audience with the King

Television (Full Length) – 2001

In 2001 comedian Mike King (with Te Radar) traversed Aotearoa on The Mike King Laugh Out Loud Tour. In this final performance, at Auckland's St James Theatre, King recounts cultural subtleties en route, from Hamilton ("4WDs with mud on them!") to East Coast hongi. No stereotype is left unbruised, as King gives his non-PC bro-down on everything from westie pick-up lines, to sport and childbirth. King shares his favourite jokes: "Here's one you can't tell at work on Monday: a Maori, a Samoan and a Tongan are in a Commodore - who's driving? A Policeman".

Key Cast & Crew

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Anja Janse


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Ben Freedman


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Llyween Watts


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Andrew Clay

Voice Over

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Eric Derks

Executive Producer, Camera, Executive Producer, Camera

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Mike King

Executive Producer, Performer

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Produced by

  • South Pacific Video Production

  • At Least Ya Habin Ago