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The Last Laugh

Television (Full Length) – 2002

This Wayne Leonard documentary from 2002 goes on a journey to explore what defines Māori humour. The tu meke tiki tour travels from marae kitchens to TV screens, from original trickster Maui to cheeky kids, from the classic entertainers (including Prince Tui Teka tipping off an elephant) through to Billy T James, arguably the king of Māori comedy. Archive footage is complemented by interviews with well-known and everyday Kiwis, and contemporary comedians (Mike King, Pio Terei). Winston Peters and Tame Iti discuss humour as a political tool. 

We grew up with laugh lines!
– Sir Howard Morrison

Key Cast & Crew

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Wayne Leonard


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Catherine White


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Bradford Haami


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Steven Orsbourn

Additional Camera

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Ngamaru Raerino

Māori Advisor

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Steven Sinkovich


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