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Hero image for Animal House - Series Five, Final Episode

Animal House - Series Five, Final Episode

Television (Full Length Episode) – 2010

We know who ate all the pies.
– A visiting vet sizes up Wally the obese kunikuni pig
You do get attached to them but you've just got to draw the line. We just can't have them here anymore. It's cost us a lot of money.
– All Seasons Pet Resort worker Alan Gilder on two very cute toy dogs left behind by their owners
Wally the overweight pig is going cold turkey. He's been three weeks without a cream bun...
– Narrator Jason Hoyte updates viewers on Wally the obese kunikuni pig
They're the love of my life...they're better than having a man friend anyway; they don't argue with you and they never answer you back.
– Bev Orgovan, the happy owner of two rescue dogs